3 Responses to Trashing the Crystal Ball of Sales Forecasting: Co-Developing Compelling Events

  1. Nice looking blog!! Looking forward to your next post so I can sell my blog. So I can afford my taxes and shoes. Thanks for your support!!

    Kim (aka Corporate Wife)

  2. gold price says:

    Your best bet is to adopt a conservative, “stay on the well trodden path” approach to ROI modeling. Don’t try to model the exceptions and the unlikely events that could possibly – under unusual or rare circumstances – prove a cost savings, avoided liability, or increased revenue opportunity. These ROI upsides are just icing on the cake anyway. Define the common customer experience ROI model for your product. Don’t be tempted into adding to the already bulging library of ROI acronyms! Show the customer that you have nothing to hide by not inventing an extended definition for such a simple financial concept as ROI. Be bold! Your prospects will appreciate it and come away assured that you didn’t need to play with statistics to pull through a positive return. Furthermore, by taking a conservative ROI modeling approach, the prospect will also believe that the ROI is achievable.

  3. gold price says:

    Here is a good rule of thumb before submitting a proposal of any sort. Always determine how far into your sales process you are, and the level of buy-in and commitment the prospect has demonstrated to your product or service. If you are at the introductory phase and your prospect asks for some prices, you can safely assume they need ball-park pricing, if for no other reason than to do some preliminary budgeting. Surely, a full blown proposal would not seem to be in order – at least not yet. If you are more advanced in your sales process the prospect probably needs a more accurate appreciation of costs, terms, conditions and perhaps even contractual issues.

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