A Word about Authenticity


Yesterday one of my people sent a letter in the form of an email to an exec at a Fortune 500 Company. The letter was a true and authentic representation of the current sales opportunity and a request for a meeting to discuss. While I won’t post the actual letter, I will post the “teachable moment” text of the email I sent to my team forwarding the letter.



The longer I do this the more I realize that people respond to authenticity; not the latest “talk track”. This letter that Chris wrote to an exec at Company X is a perfect example of being honest and transparent with someone about the truth of the situation. Everything in this email is absolutely and unequivocally true. It got a positive response within 5 minutes of being sent and now we have a face to face meeting with this exec on Wednesday. Customers are tired of the constant barrage of nonsense (aka bullshit) that software salespeople are doling out; a special discount THIS MONTH ONLY. (You won’t get it next month–yeah right). It is just one gimmick after another to them. I know I’m guilty of it too. But almost every time the truth is tried it gets you further down the road. These people aren’t stupid. They have seen it all before. And frankly, I’m tired of treating them like they are. Honesty and transparency are a breath of fresh air in the ocean of insincerity and inauthenticity that our technology sales culture breeds.