Too much Personal Power?

Duff McDuffee at Precision Change has a great blog on the possibility of having too much “personal power”.  In it he describes what a person might become when they cross this line.  The description reminded me of a lot of some Salespeople that I know.

“nobody else can get a word in when he walks in the door due to his overwhelming personal power and charisma. He can’t be missed, as he now dresses in stylish and even flashy ways. He tells extremely interesting stories, talks loudly, and takes up a lot of space.”

So much space that there is no room for the prospect or customer.

I’m all for high energy and self-directness but sometimes I get the feeling that we salespeople can gin up our personal power and motivation a bit much.  And what for??  Are we taking on some kind of daunting, monstrous opponent?

They’re just people for God’s sake.  You have something and maybe they want or need it.

Have a conversation!

Too much personal power isn’t personal power. It comes across as hubris and arrogance and in the new sales world its effect is inversely proportional to achieving the objective to which it is aimed.