Have had the pleasure over my lifetime to study the art of Aikido.  My Sensei was David Shaner, pictured above.  The value of Aikido for me has been to apply the principles to daily life.  In Aikido training, the question is frequently asked, “where is your/their power going?  Most commonly it is asked when the uke (attacker) grabs the nage (one being attacked) in any number of ways.  The job of the nage is to respect that direction, sense where the uke’s power is directed, put him or herself in alignment with that direction and safely immobilize the attack.

I was thinking of this concept in the context of “closing” a deal.  As I wrote in a previous post, closing is purely a sellers term generated from a seller’s perspective.  From a buyer’s perspective there is an entirely opposite perspective on this part of the process.  For the buyer, “closing” is in fact “opening” or commencement of the journey to value for what they have purchased.

I would guess that 80% of all sales training, coaching, management focus, is directed towards closing.  But the focus on closing is way out of alignment with what the buyer’s focus is on — which is ultimately recognizing value for what is purchased.  Finishing up the initial agreement – closing –  is simply a step towards achieving the value.

One of the reasons that salespeople lose control of deals towards the “close” is because the prospect senses that they are not in alignment with helping the client generate value.  In your next sales cycle, constantly ask yourself where your power is going?  Focus your power on value and generate excitement about getting started!